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The Bible speaks to the 21st Century!

Join the BT team on PRIME TV on Sunday mornings at 7:00am as they explore thought-provoking topics, showing the Bible is a relevant guide to every aspect of life. Each program looks beyond the headlines to discover how Scriptures shed light on major issues of our day and beyond. Visit website

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Beyond Today (formerly The Good News)— a quality, bi-monthly Christian magazine focused on issues relevant to life in the modern world and is the flagship publication of the United Church of God.

As with all of our publications, Beyond Today magazine is available to you completely free of charge and without obligation.

12-Lesson Bible Study Course

Bible Study Course

Only one book gives us the answers to life's crucial questions: Why are we here? Where is the world headed? What does the future hold?

Our eye opening 12-lesson Bible Study Course will lead you through the biblical answers to these and other questions! Access the FREE Bible Study Lessons online.

Bible Quiz

Know your Bible?
Try our interactive Quiz!

Many people assume the Bible says things it actually doesn't. Our short Bible Quiz will challenge popular assumptions and beliefs, by asking questions based on what the Scriptures actually say. Why not give it a try to see how your Bible knowledge stacks up!

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The United Church of God - New Zealand is committed to following the same Biblical teachings, doctrines and practices established by its Head, Jesus Christ. This means we hold His teachings and interpretations of the Scriptures to be preeminent in every way, including His statements on how to be a disciple, how to apply the Laws of God, and the customs and practices He promoted to His disciples.